Lock-Out Tag-Out


Purpose:  to help prevent

  • Contact with a hazard while performing tasks that require the removal, By-pass or deactivation of safe guarding devices
  • the unintended release of energy
  • the unintended start-up or motion of machinery, equipment or processes

Zimmark's Lock-out Tag-out program got a face-lift in October as we launched new training tools and one-on-one coaching for On-site Personnel.   As a guest on our clients property, our service technicians need to be able to recognize and communicate potential hazards when working within their scope.  

While most of our clients have excellent barriers and guarding devices installed to protect personnel operating their equipment and processes, Zimmark technicians are typically performing non-routine activities.  Clean-out services, fluid top-ups, filter changes etc, all require strict diligence in terms of following a LOTO procedure as necessary.    

Zimmark's on-line training system with integrated competency testing, combined with on-site validation coaching, has raised the bar for our field personnel in terms of  minimizing the risk associated with performing their non-routine activities.  Working closely with our clients to minimize impact on the operation while protecting our service technicians from risk of harm is our top priority.  

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