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With over 75% of all machine related failures traceable to contamination in lubricating fluids, establishing a world class lubrication program is a critical step in reducing manufacturing's largest single controllable expense....maintenance

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Lets start by defining "World Class".  Its the never ending objective of the manufacturing sector to reach 100% production quality, 100% on-time, at the lowest cost possible. Industrial lubrication management is a critical piece of the puzzle for plants looking to reach their world class objectives since how your lubes are managed and maintained is a significant contributor to unplanned downtime, overly aggressive Preventative Maintenance programs and unnecessary fluid/waste/labor costs.  In our efforts to get lean and eliminate all forms of waste, implementing a World Class Lubrication program will uncover many opportunities for Continual Improvement.  

Reduce Equipment Repair Costs

Improve Equipment Uptime

Lower Hydraulic Oil consumption

world class lubrication management services

We use specialized expertise to identify and interpret the KPI's required to optimize your lubrication process.  This data drives our corrective actions, where our robust on-line solutions ensure sustainability while providing the analytics and data interpretation tools necessary to keep improving over time.


World Class means working towards the never ending objective of 100% productivity, 100% availability at the lowest cost possible.  Our management loop has CI built in, as we use the data to improve the lube process performance over time while simultaneously working to reduce the total cost of the program. 

Whether you're looking for a complete Turn-key solution, consulting services to set-up and define your program, or on-going access to the management tools necessary to move your lubrication program to the next level, we specialize in implementing sustainable programs that use data and analytics to hit your targets.  


If your goal is to increase your OEE, reduce the incidence of unplanned maintenance, or reduce oil consumption and waste generation rates, we can help.  Our programs manage the KPI's that impact performance and cost. Fill out the survey below to tell us what you are looking to achieve.  Our no obligation site assessments outline your current state and identify the pieces that are missing from your World Class Lubrication program.  

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What makes Zimmark's services different?

Customized and Sustainable

Zimmark provides World Class Industrial Lubrication services, customized to your facility, focused on improving your equipment's reliability and performance. By utilizing our technical experts, robust web-based systems, and focused data driven execution, we can quickly establish a world class program in your facility today.  


Protect your critical assets and reduce downtime.  Ensure your equipment is well protected, while using data to drive improvement.  To stay world class you need to keep moving the needle.


Use Condition Based Monitoring and Analytics instead of Time to manage costs and improve up-time!

A World Class On-site Lubrication Management Program requires Several Elements:


  • Oiling and Greasing:  Know that the right lube, the right amount at the right frequency is being added to your equipment.  Use data to focus resources and drive Continual improvement
  • Condition Monitoring: Use oil analysis to plan your maintenance vs reacting to it
  • Contamination Management: increase up-time and extend oil life by managing the contamination of your lubricants
  • Recycling:  Save money and reduce the environmental footprint by implementing a best practice on-site recycling program

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  • Oiling and Greasing: Know its getting done and getting done right.
  • Oil Analysis Program:  Use analysis to plan your maintenance manage the condition of your oils
  • Contamination Management:  Manage contamination in your systems to extend fluid life, reducing oil costs, waste costs, labor costs and improving system up-time
  • On-site Recycling Services:  On-site Re-cycling Only works when you are following best practices and using condition management to ensure recycled oils do not negatively impact machine performance.  

start building your world class program today, stop wasting money and putting your people and process at risk