Web based oil analysis, monitoring and reporting

Zimmark’s oil analysis service allows your lubrication program to start using data to prevent unplanned downtime. Programs are customized based on your needs.  Samples can be mailed to our lab, or have one of our trained technicians collect them from your site to ensure sample and data integrity. Lab reports end Engineering recommendations are available to view online on our web-based database Z-TPM.com 

• Onsite Sample Collection

• ISO Particulate Count

• Wear Metals

• Oxidation


• Viscosity

• Web-Based Reporting

• Lab Condition Analysis

• Engineering Recommendations


Full-time, part-time or on demand, our trained lubrication technicians maintain both the integrity and sustainability of your condition monitoring program

looking for pricing to start a program?  follow this link or call 888-632-5410 and ask to speak with our lubrication expert today