Remove contamination to extend lube life and minimize risk of contamination related failure

With over 75% of all machine related failures traceable to contamination as the root cause, controlling contamination within acceptable economic limits is an essential part of any strategy to reach world class lubrication standards.  Off-line contamination management or Kidney loop filtration is an extremely effective strategy to keep contamination within acceptable limits.  When on-line filtration supplied with equipment, can't keep up with contaminant ingress rates, its important to get ahead of contaminant build-up before it impacts the process and degrades the oil itself.


Zimmark's fleet of Off-line filters, lets us set-up machine side filtration that cleans while the process runs.  Much more effective than a drain and change, off-line filtration gets the entire system cleaned as the oil is circulated through the filter, through many passes.  A Drain and Change leaves residue within the system, so unless strict flushing procedures are followed, and tight filtration is used on the new oil, its difficult to get the level of system cleanliness possible from off-line methods.  


Utilizing different technologies depending on the application, the lubricant and the contamination we are looking to remove (i.e. water, tar, varnish, particulate, etc.), we bring the appropriate technology to your facility, our technicians connect it your system without requiring downtime and let the system circulate for a predetermined period of time.  


Results are guaranteed, we do not charge for the service unless we can get the oil to meet the desired cleanliness specification.  


Part of any Lubrication program is an ingress audit, where we look for the sources of contamination that may be building up in the systems.  Breathers, desiccants, filters etc are identified and monitored as part of the condition monitoring service.  Using contamination ingress data, we identify the units where contamination is accumulating in the system at an aggressive rate and then investigate to determine root cause in order to implement a sustainable long term solution.  

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