On-site Oiling services

Zimmark’s total program lubrication service provides you with a turn-key solution to have a world class lubrication program in your facility. Our technical experts will quickly develop a lubrication program that meets your equipment’s requirements, these requirements are documented on a control plan and managed by our online system to ensure that what needs to be done, gets done in timely manner. Our fully trained industrial oiler then executes to the control plan requirements to ensure your equipment receives it lubrication requirements. All inspection and top up data is gathered by our technician and is available to view on our online system Z-TPM.com. This system will notify you with an email report if leaks, excessive consumption or contamination is observed. In addition to having all your lubrication data available online, you will receive an ongoing summary report which will inform you of the program’s compliance to control plan, top 5 machine lube consumers and additional KPI metrics performance to ensure our lubrication service is saving you money.

24-7 Access to these on-line resources for your plant

  • On-site Lube Inspection and Top-up Reports
  • Control Plan per active lube point
  • On-line Machine Specific Lube history and Trending
  • Consumption monitoring and the Top 5 List
  • Program Compliance Monitoring Dashboard
  • Detailed Fluid Analysis
  • Performance Reporting
  • Data driven Engineering recommendations

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