on-site recycling

Sustainable on-site recycling that actually generates savings requires several elements to truly benefit a facility long term.  Too many facilities purchase equipment to recycle, but do not manage all the other aspects that need to be maintained in order to ensure the quality of the recycled product doesn't eventually cause and equipment or process failure that eclipses any potential savings offered by the program.  


Collection & Segregation:  When lubricants of differing viscosities and additive packages are allowed to mix together, generating an acceptable fluid that meets specification can be a real challenge.  Some contaminants are extremely difficult to remove, making the capital or operating costs associated with an on-site initiative prohibitive.  Therefore a robust segregation program is essential if the objective is to recycle a product that will meet a defined specification.  


Yield:  A recycling process is designed to separate the contaminants from the desired product, therefore there is always a process yield.  For example, if 1000 gallons is collected and recycled, a certain percentage will be recovered, while the balance will be part of the waste stream.  The idea is to concentrate the contaminants so that the volume requiring disposal is dramatically reduced and the volume of fluid available for re-introduction to the process is maximized.   


Specification and Control:  Too often we find that there is no defined specification or control over the quality of the recycled product.  In an effort to minimize waste, often fluid that is detrimental to the process is allowed to be returned to the plant, quickly negating any net benefit.  


Managed Blend: Part of a sustainable strategy is to manage a blend of recycled product with virgin material in a controlled and consistent manner.  An essential part of any on-site recycling initiative, building a blend strategy into the initiative is critical to long term success and maximized savings.  


Since 1984, Zimmark has been providing on-site fluid recycling processes for clients.  Operated as a Turn-key service, we provide the technology and on-going controls necessary to maximize the potential benefits available through an integrated on-site program.  


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